Thats Color! We make it easy.

S.F. Color Renaissance offers 3 easy methods for consultations.

Consultation Through Email

Deciding to renovate your house, business, apartment, or any other structural design is a big responsibility. You are responsible for pursuing correct avenues to represent the modifications that you desire. It is our sole responsibility to make sure that you will be satisfied with the work we do. We carry an outstanding presence in the San Francisco bay area that preceeds itself. We get the job done.

On your decision to contract S.F Color Rennaissance for our services, make house calls to explain the bidding process and communicate through all communication services to make sure that there are no mis-understandings as to what you want done.

Depending upon your needs and the contract services obtained, we may conclude our services with the final color scheme and palette. Or, we may begin the construction process, creating custom moldings, pilars, frames, and other materials. The length of this process is always subject to change due to weather constraints or other un-foreseen events.

After all preping and modifications have been made to the structure, base application to the surface will preceed. We will coat all surfaces with primer to insure the best possible surfaces for the paint to be applied to. This ensures that bubbling and peeling will not occur within the promised frame of time.

Our last step is the finalization of paints. This includes all touchups and walk throughs that will ensure your satisfaction. Again, all processes will be verified through the consulting with Tony Canaletich and his associates. For the best idea of what you will need and how long it will take, send us an email or give us a call.